My Socks are for Sale!

I have always been getting complements on my feet and my large collection of "quirky" socks so I decided that in order to make room (literally) for some new socks I should try to get them out to people who would want them. I've set up a gallery of my current socks that are for sale and am always looking for new ones. If you have any recommendations on a pair or a pair you would like me to wear and send your way don't be afraid to contact me!

May 1st 2011

Ok, so I just uploaded a few photos today along with finishing a small portion of the site. I have plenty more pairs to post up, just finding the time to do so is tough with my work schedule at the moment, but I'm going to put a lot of effort into getting some pics posted. Any feedback about any part of the site would be greatly appreciated!

May 20th 2011

So after long delay because of work all the photos are uploaded and the site is published. Ill hopefully be able to add in some videos in the future.